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How to recycle your old Xbox 360 by turning it into planter

When my Xbox 360 was struck down by the infamous red ring of death, tragically it was out of warranty and to be honest, it just didn’t get enough use (with 2 young children!) to justify the £80.00 bill to repair it.

So there it was, gathering dust in our cabinet, until my wife decided to have a clear out.  Under pressure to throw it in the bin, I wanted to see if I could brighten up our new office space and give the Xbox a new lease of life as a plant box.  Some may say its criminal to turn such a processing powerhouse into a mere box to hold soil and plant roots, but I felt it was more respectful than chucking it in the bin.

Xbox’s are notoriously difficult to get into, as Microsoft don’t want you tinkering with the innards.  I’m not going to jot down step by step how to get in, as there is a much better video here that tells you how to do it.

So, with nothing more than a few screwdrivers I opened up my old console, and one by one took out each of the Xbox’s vital organs – the DVD drive, processor, motherboard, fan.  The console slowly became the shell I was looking for.

I then purchased some heavy duty gravel bags – the idea being that the inner metal container becomes a natural drainage system out of the screw holes at the bottom, with the plastic chassis catching the drainage water.  Therefore I had to seal the plastic outer case with the heavy duty bags.  The metal case then slots back in.  I also sealed around the edges of this metal case so that bits of soil didn’t escape.

The case then gets filled with soil and whatever plants you want in there.  Finally, you snap the side and front panels on, and voila!  Water the plants and hope it doesn’t leak!


If anyone has any other broken consoles looking for a new lease of life in the Curly Productions garden, then we’d be very grateful!





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