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Adobe Anywhere – changing the rules for collaborative editing

The announcement of Adobe Anywhere, a new collaborative working platform for video editors, loggers and motion graphics artists, has the potential to be a game changer.

It promotes the spirit of working together, of being able to source the best creative talent and bring them on-board for a project, no matter where they are based in the world. This makes a huge difference to the service we are able to offer clients; it means a faster turnaround time, and reduces the pressure on internal servers making it easier to view files and make changes.

But more than that it means we’re able to produce better work, faster.

How does it work?

Announced at the annual technology trade show IBC, Adobe Anywhere is the next step in Adobe Creative Cloud and is designed for anyone working on Prelude, Premiere Pro and After Effects. It doesn’t matter where you’re based; the platform works from a centralised media server, promoting remote working.

Each member of the team gets their own login. Once footage is uploaded anyone with access can view it and edit it. The project is hosted on a shared server so whether a broadcaster, editing suite or a video production company it removes the pressure from your own bandwidth and servers meaning changes can be made simultaneously.

Sounds too good to be true? The secret, Adobe says, is in the Mercury Streaming Engine.  It means that the centralised server is doing all the heavy lifting. It renders the video as you’re editing and takes it to different networks. It means you don’t need as powerful a machine to edit – feasibly you could do it on a MacBook Air. It uses a single rather than multiple streams so it optimizes bandwidth so that even those with a slow internet connection won’t have the frustration of stuttering playback. The Mercury Streaming Engine works directly with the source material meaning there is no need to create proxy files. Creating these, even in low res, are time consuming and slow down the editing process.

That’s the technical bit.  What difference will this collaborative hub actually make to working practice?


At Curly Productions we’re always looking for ways to make remote working with clients much easier and to speed up production turnaround times. A few months ago we brought in a login section on the website allowing clients to sign in to their very own screening room making it easier, and faster, for them to give feedback. This is a huge benefit to our clients and is a vast improvement over the FTP transfer process sending footage back and forth.

Being able to work with the best creatives all over the world means we can offer an even better service to our clients. More ideas, work that stands out even more against the competition, a bigger pool to source the best talent from; it’s win, win from a business perspective.

Adobe Anywhere has the potential to seriously cut production time as well. If you employ a motion graphic artist to work on branding or illustration for a video, they are able to work on the footage whilst its being edited and view changes as they are being made.  It not only fosters a more collaborative process but streamlines activity. There are no costly and frustrating delays.

The centralised server feasibly removes the need for the time delay in tapes being shipped back and forth. Once the raw footage is uploaded then anyone with a log in can begin working on it wherever they are. It’s ideal for those working to a tight deadline.

Collaborative working is increasingly becoming part of the landscape. It is encouraging a greater sharing of ideas as well as practice, making it easier to find and use the best creative talent out there. What client wouldn’t want to use that?

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