Take One Minute. Be One Percent.

Be One Percent
MP4 H.264
1 minute


This video is part our charitable collaboration with Be One Percent.  Be One Percent is a network of regular people who commit to giving 1% of their income each month to projects supporting the world’s poorest communities.
During a recent self-funded field trip to Malawi, we saw for ourselves the difference that their members are already making. This film shows the hugely positive effects that water bore holes have on communities that used to have little access to clean drinking water.

Our approach

Out our own expense we sent out a cameraman with stripped back kit – a Canon EOS 5D mark II, a few lenses, a tripod, and some sound kit.  The concept we suggested was a series of 1 minute videos – in line with the 1% concept behind the charity.  Everybody can spare 1 minute to watch a video that could potentially help thousands of people.  This concept meant very efficient editing to cram as much information in as possible without overfacing the viewer.