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Mary’s Meals has a simple ethos. They deliver food and hope. By providing one good meal to hungry, impoverished children every school day, they are filling their empty bellies so they have the energy and opportunity to learn, which can be their escape route out of poverty in later life. Our job was to capture what Mary's Meals do in a very short video, whilst encouraging people to sign up to Be One Percent.

Our approach

As part of our charitable collaboration with Be One Percent, our Managing Director, Christian went out to Malawi to visit some of the projects that Be One Percent are supporting.  One of those is Mary’s Meals which feeds a child in their place of education for just £7 per year.

This was filmed on a real shoestring with Christian doing everything that normally a 3 person crew would do, with just a rucksack containing a Canon 5D, a few lenses and Tascam sound recorder.

The track is Come Talk to Me by Bon Iver and Peter Gabriel, permission kindly granted by Peter Gabriel.

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