Lil-lets Schools Project

25 minutes


After the successful collaboration on last year’s schools programme, Lil-lets approached us to go even bigger and better for 2014.  The aim was to create content that PSHE teachers could use in schools to educate primary and secondary age girls and boys about growing up, puberty and periods.

Our approach

We worked closely with Lil-lets and Shine Communications to script and develop a 25 minute DVD that was suitable for both age groups.  The presentation style was fast-paced and friendly, featuring young presenters in an aspirational setting.  We also shot interviews with real teenagers about their teenage years, along with two medical experts in this field.  We were also tasked to create several motion graphics screens to highlight the biology behind puberty.  The DVD has been incredibly well received, being used by 3000 schools around the country.  The video shown above is a short trailer that gives a taster of the full video.