Concern Universal

Concern Universal
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International charity Concern Universal, approached us to create a 2 minute video that integrates footage, with graphical caption screens to depict what they do in a nutshell.

Our approach

The challenge for us was taking everything that Concern Universal do (a huge variety including irrigation, water pumps, micro-finance, education) and boil this down to 2 minutes.  We recognised that the key differentiator from other charities was that Concern Universal actually seemed to listen and converse with the people most in need.  They send people on the ground to talk to the villages and discuss what they need and give them that helping hand to achieve it.  Our message therefore was to simplify what Concern Universal do and take any confusion out of it.  The video is aimed to be uplifting and inspiring.

“Curly Productions managed to refine our complicated messages and communicate our expansive work in just two minutes.  The beautiful footage shot on location was used to great effect, with fantastic editing and sympathetic, relevant animation.  Concern Universal is so proud of its new film and can’t wait to share it with everyone.” – Alexandra Sherry, PR and Communications Co-ordinator, Concern Universal.