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Adobe Creative Cloud – A new way for creative industries to work (and pay!)

Creative-Cloud-Adobe1No matter what your job, if you are in the creative industry, you’ll almost certainly have used one piece of Adobe’s powerful Creative Suite.  For us in the production industry, Adobe Premiere Pro, After Effects, Illustrator, Photoshop and Encore have been invaluable tools.  They are the amazing products that help turn our wildest ideas into reality, and help us craft awesome videos for our clients.

It used to be that we would invest heavily in the software up front, purchasing each new version as they came out and then receiving the big box containing all of the different discs to install the software on our systems.

However, in May 2012, Adobe announced a new way of using and paying for their software called Creative Cloud.  It has moved from an outright software purchase model to a subscription based model, where consumers can pay a monthly subscription fee to access Adobe’s entire suite of apps.

adobe-creative-cloudIn many parts of the creative sector there has been an outcry at this new service.  Over 5,000 of Adobe’s customers signed a petition at calling on the company to carry on selling the packaged software.

We are finding it gives us greater flexibility when bringing on new members of staff or working collaborating with other editors and creatives.  As part of the package you have access to 20GB of creative cloud space to store your files, and where we only used to have our core suite of apps for video, we can now use any Adobe app of our choosing.  It is actually improving our workflow and we are always up to date with the very latest versions of the software.  We can’t wait until they release Adobe Anywhere, which will allow us to work directly with creatives all over the world on shared projects, in the same edit suite.

Adobe is obviously keen on the subscription model as it will provide regular recurring revenue instead of more infrequent sales when customers upgrade their software.  It is also seen as part of a broader trend towards cloud-based subscription software.  Microsoft have started the shift to cloud based software too, with the release of Office 365.

In the meantime, we’re keen to see where this new era of creative tools takes us, and more than ever, it means we can continually stay ahead of the competition with the latest and greatest tools to put together the most memorable online video content.

Curly Productions are a Video Production company based in Liverpool, specialising in online and corporate video production.

What is a corporate video?

A corporate video is typically a video commissioned for use by a company, corporation or organisation, usually not intended for television broadcast.

Here at Curly Productions, we don’t particularly like the term “corporate video” since it conjures up negative images of the horrendous training video that David Brent forces his team to watch in The Office.

Whilst we are commissioned by corporations and companies to make videos, we do something quite different.  We pride ourselves on creating the broadcast quality videos that could take any shape or form, but are always creative.  We want your audience – whether that is your customers or your staff, to remember the video and to share it with their friends or colleagues.

There is a huge variation in what form a corporate video might take.  A corporate video could be used for many purposes but mainly they are produced for promotional purposes, sales or training.  They’re also produced for a variety of screens – mobile, tablet, PC, Mac and television.  Also, budgets can vary significantly, from a straightforward piece to camera from a company CEO, to an all singing all dancing advert with a 10 man crew, set builders and actors.

A typical full service production has the following stages:

Pre-Production –  The bit where we listen, research and prepare for the Production.  This could involve scripting and storyboarding.

Production – The shooting phase, either on location or in a studio.

Post-Production – The edit, or the bit where we put everything we shot together into a beautiful and memorable package combining music, graphics and footage.

We work with a huge variety of clients on many different types of Corporate Video.  You can see some of our work in our showreel below:

Curly Productions are a Video Production company based in Liverpool, specialising in online and corporate video production.