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What is a corporate video?

A corporate video is typically a video commissioned for use by a company, corporation or organisation, usually not intended for television broadcast.

Here at Curly Productions, we don’t particularly like the term “corporate video” since it conjures up negative images of the horrendous training video that David Brent forces his team to watch in The Office.

Whilst we are commissioned by corporations and companies to make videos, we do something quite different.  We pride ourselves on creating the broadcast quality videos that could take any shape or form, but are always creative.  We want your audience – whether that is your customers or your staff, to remember the video and to share it with their friends or colleagues.

There is a huge variation in what form a corporate video might take.  A corporate video could be used for many purposes but mainly they are produced for promotional purposes, sales or training.  They’re also produced for a variety of screens – mobile, tablet, PC, Mac and television.  Also, budgets can vary significantly, from a straightforward piece to camera from a company CEO, to an all singing all dancing advert with a 10 man crew, set builders and actors.

A typical full service production has the following stages:

Pre-Production –  The bit where we listen, research and prepare for the Production.  This could involve scripting and storyboarding.

Production – The shooting phase, either on location or in a studio.

Post-Production – The edit, or the bit where we put everything we shot together into a beautiful and memorable package combining music, graphics and footage.

We work with a huge variety of clients on many different types of Corporate Video.  You can see some of our work in our showreel below:

Curly Productions are a Video Production company based in Liverpool, specialising in online and corporate video production.