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Curly Productions cleans up with Kärcher

karcher how to

As warm weather finally approaches, many homeowners will be looking to wash away the dust and dirt from the winter and embark on a spring clean. That’s exactly what cleaning specialist Kärcher are hoping and to promote their range of products for home and garden – including pressure washers, window vacs and steam cleaners – the firm brought Curly Productions on-board to help spread the word.

Filmed on the latest cinema camera – the Canon C300, 20 videos were produced each examining a different household chore, and how Kärcher makes it easier. From cleaning a wheelie bin to scrubbing up decking each of the short films was made to be broadcast on Kärcher’s own website as well as YouTube, showing users how to get the best out of their range of High Pressure Washers, steam cleaners and window vacs.

Curly Productions were briefed by London based Shine Communications on behalf of their client, Kärcher. Phil Springall, Marketing Manager at Kärcher said, “For us, a picture paints a thousand words and the videos that we have created with Curly Productions offer a fantastic guide to our customers on how a Kärcher product can provide effortless cleaning solutions in a fraction of the time. The assets have been designed to last the test of time over the next few years whilst providing quick effective answers to any customers looking for further information.”

Christian Hughes, Managing Director of Curly Productions said, “We love working on a premium brand like Kärcher, and together with Shine Communications, we have been able to produce some really helpful videos for their customers. I’m confident that the high end results produced by our commitment to using the latest technology and the very best crews, will serve Kärcher well over the next few years.”

Curly Productions have worked with Kärcher before, most notably on 2012’s Clean Up Britain campaign. Phil adds, “Working with Curly Productions has really been a collaboration of ideas and enthusiasm. Curly really got to know our business and became a crucial part of building the brief which made the shoot simple, fast and effective. The end results speak for themselves and we very much look forward to our next collaboration”.

You can watch the videos on Youtube here.