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Curly helps create a bit of magic

Curly Productions recently worked with all round amazing new startup Toddler Fun Learning to create a visually stunning version of Twinkle Twinkle Little Star.

Twinkle Twinkle Little Star

We were determined not to create your average, run of the mill version of this classic children’s lullaby so came up with a sweet story and two fully realised characters.  The story revolves around a little girl called Poppy who can’t get to sleep one night and spends the evening gazing up at a beautiful, bright star in the night.  The star, to Poppy’s surprise, comes alive and waves down at her beckoning her to come up and play.  The star then takes Poppy on a magical flight that she will never forget.

After creating a full storyboard and narrative behind the video, we teamed up with top illustrator James Taylor who created all of the drawings, which we then took and animated in After Effects, finally putting together the final edit in Premiere Pro.


If you have little ones – why not show them this magical version of Twinkle Twinkle Little Star before bedtime tonight?



If you are looking for your own animation for your brand please do get in touch.


How much does it cost to make an online video?

This is a question that we get asked all of the time, and really, there is no set answer.  Every client, and every project is different and we’ll always craft a production with a client’s  specific needs and budget in mind.

Just like building a company website, there are many, many different elements that go into making a corporate video and of course, as you add more elements, the costs increase.

Video Production Company LiverpoolMany companies nowadays are seeing the huge advantage of making an online video but are unsure where to start, and also wondering how far their budget will stretch.

So, what should you be budgeting for your online promotional video, or corporate video?

What it boils down to is what you need your video to do for you and how important premium quality is for you.  You can, of course make a video very cheaply, much like building your own website – there will always be a place for this sort of content.

We produce our videos with TV quality in mind.  Even though we are primarily producing for online use, we want our videos to hold up on any screen – be that TV, cinema, tablet or phone.  It is our firm belief that if quality is sacrificed, it might tarnish your brand and completely defeat the point of making a video in the first place.  The internet is increasingly becoming the place to watch TV content, and your audience is watching content on all sorts of screens.  They are used to premium TV content; anything less will look inferior.  All of our camera operators have TV production experience and most still work in television.  We only use the highest quality HD equipment that produces superior images.

If you want your online video to be creative, original and feel premium then you will need a production company with great ideas, first rate crew, and top notch production equipment.  In the production industry, when great equipment and amazing people come together and create something that looks really high end, it is known as the Production Value.  The higher the production value, the more premium your video feels to your audience and in turn the more premium your brand feels.

Online Video Production

To achieve this premium quality, and end up with something that feels premium, a good gauge for minimum spend would be £3,000 – £6,000 for a shorter, more straight forward video, all the way up to £12,000 – £30,000 for a full video campaign.  The huge variations in price come from adding more elements like multiple cameras, sets, actors, scriptwriting, camera jibs & tracks, studios and graphics.  They all contribute to production value and of course the price.  The more days it takes to produce your video also quite obviously increases the price.

On the flip-side, we would never suggest that the more money you throw at a production, the better it is.  Sometimes all you need is a fantastic idea that is really simple but truly memorable.  That is why we put a great deal of time into the pre-production phase.  To make the best videos, we spend a great deal of time listening, and then a great deal of time thinking and coming up with amazing ideas to make sure you get the best return on investment for your online video.


Curly Productions are a video production company based in Liverpool, specialising in the production of premium online video content.

The Video Production Process

Here at Curly, we like to make things easy for our clients.  That’s why we’ll guide you easily through the production process – an essential part of making an online or corporate video.  Following this process ensures that we can prepare properly for each subsequent stage, resulting in a video that not only looks great, but one that your target audience remember and want to share.

Pre-Production – The bit where we listen, research, imagine and prepare.


We do something very simple here, we listen – we don’t tell you what you want. We first arrange an initial requirements gathering meeting with you either here, or at your offices where we would chat about your requirements and your audience in more detail so that we can create a video that exactly matches what you have in your head, along with gearing it to your specific audiences.  This listening stage is really important as it means your video will always be on brand and fulfil your requirements which means your customers love you even more!

We then go away and come up with a narrative outline, along with the key messages that we need to get across in each video. It is really these key messages that we want the audience to take away.  We’ll also be working hard to create a concept that is memorable and encourages your audience to share.

At this stage we will also do the shoot organisation: booking the crew, the equipment, organising logistics, getting relevant permissions from filming locations and contacting any participants.  Laura, one of our producers is highly skilled in preparing even the most nervous of interview participants and can be on hand to provide them with some media training before the cameras start rolling.

Production – The shooting phase.

Video Production Company LiverpoolAll of our camera operators are TV camera operators, highly skilled with excellent people skills. Ben, for example, is also the main cameraman on Come Dine With Me, so is used to filming well lit and beautifully composed footage.

Depending on the requirements, we will either be providing a 3 man crew or larger to film your project.  This usually consists of a camera operator, sound recordist and director.  Other roles might be a camera assistant, autocue operator, focus puller, director of photography or even aerial cinematographer.  We have access to a huge network of talented production staff, so whatever you need we can source it.  We’ll adapt to fit your requirements.

Here at Curly, we always keep up with the latest technologies and we can recommend the latest cameras and technologies to shoot on according to your budget.  We have been filming on the Canon C300 a lot lately – a new cinema camera that gives a beautiful high quality filmic look. Please take a look at a How To video we did for Karcher that was shot on the C300 or Lil-lets lets talk.  The shoot would either take place on location, or in a studio, depending on the requirements.

All of our crew members are super friendly, so not only will you love working with them, anyone that isn’t used to being in front of the camera will also feel completely at ease.

Post-Production – The Edit.

Post ProductionWe are used to turning around edits very quickly for clients, sometimes in 24 hours for simple edits.

The first stage would be collating all of the footage, ingesting it into our edit suites, and assembling it according to the narrative/script that was established in the pre-production phase. Good preparation in the Pre-Production phase will always save time here.

This is the point where music is sourced and purchased. We would usually recommend using royalty free, stock music which over the years has become a very good, viable alternative to copyrighted music, whilst being a lot more budget friendly.

The footage is edited together and graded (a colorization process that makes it look the best it possibly could). We are also able to create incredible motion graphics if it is required meaning your video will stand out and be admired.  We are also able to put together a memorable end screen using your brand guidelines with your required call to action.

We have an online, password protected screening room that is personalised to you. When the first version of your edit is completed, it will get uploaded to this screening room for you to watch securely from the comfort of your laptop, iPad or iPhone. We always see the edit as a collaborative process between the client and us, therefore in the screening room, you can make suggested changes right there and we get the feedback instantly. We will make these changes and resubmit to you.  We always strive to make things as easy as possible for you and take the stress away from you.

We are also experts in video marketing. We know social media and are able to advise on the best ways to direct the most people to your videos, including the use of YouTube annotations and keywords.

Once your video has been signed off, we can then deliver it in a huge variety of formats and mediums.


If you have a project in mind and would like to discuss it, please do contact us.

Curly Productions are a Liverpool based video production company specialising in producing online videos and corporate videos.